Saturday, 15 August 2015

South Indian Menu on Banana Leaf

Masala Dosa with Potato Curry,Sambar(South Indian dal with Okura) and Coconut Chutney
Dosa with Potato Curry
Sambar(Dal with Okura)

Madras Coffe(South Indian filter Coffee)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Some Photos

Salty Cracker

Peanut Chikki


Couscous Salad
Carrot and Radish Salad

Coconut Burfee

My Masala Box

Simple Salad

Khoya Til Ladoo(Sesame Sweet)

Mathadi(Salty Cracker)

Chana Salad

Cabbage Subji

Masala Dosa(Dosa with Coconut chutney,potato Curry and Sambar)

Rose Lassi

Chatpati/ Roti

Dahi Wada

Spinach Salad


Suji halawa

 Healthy Roti Roll

Avacado Salad

 Bhindi Sambar(South Indian dal with Okura)

Veg Biryani

Madras Coffee

Watermalon Juice
Tomato Soup

Mutter Paneer

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Few Pictures to share

Sprout Salad
Gulab Jamun


Pav Bhaji 

Veg Puff

Moong Dal Pakodi/Pakoda

Veg Puff with Tamrind Sauce

5) Ragda Patties

Ragda Patties :

Potato Pattice with white Pea curry .
Served with tamarind sauce

Potato Pattise with White pea Curry 
Tamarind Sauce (Imali Chat)

Home Made Mango Icecream
This Ice cream is made without Ice cream maker

Friday, 7 February 2014

My Profile

Hi everyone!

The stamina of a camel, the strength of an elephant, and the beauty of a horse are all sustained on a vegetarian diet.
- A wonderful quote seen on the wall of Ananda Bhavan, Singapore 

I love cooking. Whether its everyday (Indian) food, Pasta, Mexican dishes, and even baking, the wonders of trying new food, and of mixing techniques from around the world, never fail to keep me experimenting. Looking through cookbooks, following TV shows, and just trying to conjure up the best food keep me occupied for alot of my time. And now I want to share my fascination for food with other people. As I teach people little tricks I use, I learn, and can make my cooking better, so that I can make you a better chef. 

My recipes are for the people who enjoy making and eating healthy vegetarian food.
I try to use ingredients which are generally available outside of India. Most of the recipes are easy to understand with less oil and sugar than the traditional recipes.

The important thing in cooking is to use fresh ingredients and proper utensils. Of course love of cooking too! I started cooking after I got married and went to Japan. I used to see my mom and grandma to cook and sometimes used to help them when they are making some special food during festivals. I learned making round and soft chapati/roti from mother in law.
I used to teach my friends Indian cooking in Japan. They were very interested in my food and my culture. I then started cooking class properly, with

After coming to Singapore, my Japanese friends in Singapore became interested in my classes, and so I started classes in Singapore. I can teach cooking in Japanese and English too.

I hope you will like my recipes and you will cook and enjoy food with your family and friends!

My daughter has got first prize in Dessert Making Competition in July 2013 at Vivocity, Singapore. It was organised by Parent World Magazine for 9 to 12 years olds. She made a dessert called Sandesh, a delicious soft sweet made from home-made Cottage Cheese.

If you like any menu and are interested please let me know at, and a class can be arranged with minimum 6 people.

Enjoy Cooking!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Spinach Paratha and Make your own fresh Cottage Cheese

Spinach and Carrot Paratha (ほうれん草と人参入りパラタ)
This is whole wheat Paratha with Spinach and Carrot, have it with plain yogurt, tomato ketchup or simply as it is. Kids just  love it!
Spinach and Carrot Paratha

Lemon Rice レモンライス 
Long grain Basmati rice with lemon and spices.
Lemon Rice

Make your your own Cottage cheese(カッテージチーズを作ろう)

Cottage Cheese/ paneer

Sandesh- West Bengal Sweet , made from home made cottage cheese 

This is a winning Recipe , my daughter has got 1st price in Dessert Making Competition  in July 2013 at Vivo city

Lemon Grass Tea (レモングラス ティー